Letting Go

Randomly, I’m steady daydreaming
When I think of you I’m cheesy
I’d like to think I stole your heart
It’s far from a fairy tale so you might not believe it
You probably don’t

You’re saying that you need to cut me out
but you probably can’t
Because life is bliss and you want to live it happily
And you’re stuck
and that’s probably what we might believe
Because chasing you is not my cup of tea
Rather get the key, unlock the cage
and let you be free

I play my cards
I need some spades
because I’ve had enough broken hearts
When you smile it’s like fireflies
Instead I fall in love
It’d be better if you love
Life is way too short to be feeling,
feeling low
Stop signs are on your heart
so I know you’re letting go

Letting go
Letting go
Letting go
Letting go