Upward Music, formerly known as ItaLion Productions, started in San Diego, California, and it migrated north along the California coastline to Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area. After several years of making music in California, ItaLion Productions found a new home in New York City. On the east coast ItaLion Productions enjoyed some success for its songwriting and musical composition while under the NDC Enterprises umbrella. After ghost writing several hit songs under various pseudonyms, ItaLion Productions changed its name to Upward Music, and it began to focus its efforts on social change through music in the global community.

Influenced by traditional music and poetry from all over the world, Upward Music took up the fight against evils in society like overconsumption and waste that are inadvertently and sometimes blatantly supported by the music industry. Sadly, Upward Music’s creator, Ned Chaucyfritos, passed away in 2020 from COVID-19. The rights to his music and lyrics were subsumed by the recording industry, burned, and scattered with his ashes along the golden stairway in Tin Pan Alley, New York. What remains of his unpublished work is available privately on SoundCloud.