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Mary Neagle

Mary Neagle is a mixed media artist from Simsbury, Connecticut. She is currently based in Bushwick, New York, which is where she always wanted to live, create art and meet other amazing creators. Now she does all of that, and she also looks back on her life with a smile that shines through her work because she creatively checked off her list of dreams. You can see different phases in her life in different mediums, and it is very reflective of her transitions over the years. She has explored video, photo, fashion, music, and visual art for as long as she can remember, and she can’t wait to keep growing as an artist. Ultimately, she wants her work to speak for itself and for people to take what they will from it.

Abiodun Dabiri

Abiodun Dabiri is a pencil artist with special skills in designing cartoon illustrations. His cartoon drawing dates back to his early childhood. With constant practice, what started as a hobby soon became his talent. In 1988, he developed an interest in selling his hand drawn comic books to his friends. He later attended St. Gregory’s College in Lagos, Nigeria where he majored in science.

Recently, he developed various pencil drawing methods including what he calls the “Matrix M4” cross hatching technique. Dabiri is currently working on a book he plans to publish called “Learn How to Draw for Beginners.” It is a 100 percent practical step by step technical drawing guide. He also wants to expand his reach by teaching higher spiritual principles with his drawing skills and printing his designs on various objects. A few of his designs are available as gift items or souvenirs on Redbubble.

Facebook: BD Art

Dixon Quinones

Dixon Quinones is a digital artist, videographer, director, editor, animator, illustrator, photographer, communicator and graphic designer. He has over 25 years of experience in media communications, education, commercial art, illustration and design. Dixon has worked with various types of publications, multimedia, animation, short films and video. He recently moved to New York City in search of new expressive opportunities.

Instagram: @dixon.quinones