Marcelo Bottaro is a puppeteer from Brooklyn, New York. Originally, he wanted to draw cartoons and work as an animator for television shows, video games, and movies, but he decided to pursue his lifelong passion for puppetry because he enjoys the challenge. Puppets entered his life during childhood, when he was fascinated by television shows like “Great Space Coaster,” “Between the Lions,” “The Puzzle Place,” “Obi, Bear in the Big Blue House,” “Allegra’s Window, and “Alf.”
Over the years, Marcelo created his own puppets, founded a puppet group called “The Figments,” and made various videos on YouTube and TikTok. He compares puppetry to animated cartoons because both art forms are important to children and adults, and to him puppetry is like a three dimensional cartoon. Ironically, he draws his puppets as cartoons before he builds them with fluff and foam. Marcelo has been a puppeteer for most of his life, and he primarily works in “The Muppets” style.

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