Age 4 is when Daniel knew music would be in his life forever.

His father gifted a brand new red Sears brand electric guitar and an acoustic. It was a magical moment that set the stage for a creative future. In-a-gadda-da-vida was his first favorite song. He listened on headphones and learned the drum solo by tapping on surfaces until drums were introduced to Daniel’s universe.

It was age 11 when he took his first guitar lesson. He was taught Mary had a Little Lamb and basic blues patterns which were well-received and outgrown quickly. He met one of the coolest local rock guitar players in 1985, Jason P

That’s when Daniel was shown how to just listen and figure out the songs/play by ear.

Fast forward a few months locked in his room learning his favorite metal and rock songs, he would aim his amp out the window and play various Black Sabbath songs. It was as close to being on a huge stage and definitely displayed his passion for performance AND playing music. 

There are various original bands he’s played guitar, bass, or drums in through the years.

It was 2007 when Daniel decided to focus on more of his OWN music. 

He set up a micro home studio and began making beats and recording tracks.

He created sequencer drum patterns for each song and layered and panned his 21 tracks of guitar and strange SFX and vocals. 

He’s recorded 27 songs up until 2018. That’s when he began:  “uppercase D and THEE lowercases”

Utilizing Fruityloops and Caustic3, Daniel became heavily into using these programs to make “rock/metal/rap/etheric” songs, on software generally used for dance, hip-hop, and pop. Along with his songs, you’ll see his unique videos. As a true believer in straying from mainstream yet still knocking on it’s door with occasional deliveries tailored for listeners who enjoy simple or mellow music, Daniel uploads his songs on YouTube and SoundCloud for your enjoyment. 

“There’s a song for EVERYONE!” His grandmother never told him that, everyday.