These works are created by the up and coming digital artist & photographer Wilhelm Scream. Mr. Scream uses found imagery, Artificial Intelligence, and his own camera to create surreal works which range from the liminal to the totally abstract. His works take inspiration from the artistic movements of pop-art, dadaism, and surrealism and bring them into the modern day with the inclusion of digital tools. He also firmly believes in the philosophy of creating art on a daily basis, inspired by the works of graphic artists such as Beeple aka. Mike Winkelmann.  

Scream first found his footing in digital art after taking a photography class where his professor encouraged him to push his editing to the limits and see what compositions he could create with “plain images” such as photos of the ground or a wall. This helped him learn some basics in digital editing tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Eventually, he started doing graphic design commissions for logos and incorporating these logos into some of his photographs. He spent the next year before graduating college advancing his style and broadening his range of tools. He is currently working as a UX design intern and pursues his fine art career on the side.

Instagram: @will.scream