Digital artist and photographer Wilhelm Scream, whose real name is Sam Garbus, uses found imagery, artificial intelligence, and his camera to create liminal and totally abstract surreal works. Art movements of the past like dada, pop art, and surrealism inspire him, and he brings their aesthetic ideas into the present with digital tools. Wilhelm is also inspired to create art on a daily basis by Beeple’s Everydays.
Wilhelm found his footing in digital art as a student at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where a photography professor encouraged him to push editing to the limits. There, he started using a process that begins with a basic image and adds layers of digital effects. This process morphs his photographs into abstract digital paintings. He also delved into sculpture and blended it with photography to explore various themes. These sculptures and photographs were exhibited in Bohemia, Czech Republic and in Santa Cruz, California, USA.
Currently, he is exploring the similarities between artificial intelligence algorithms and unconscious human minds. Wilhelm seeks to blur the lines between artistic inspiration and semi-random noises made by artificial neurons. He is also interested in how meaning is assigned to art, how value is assigned to art, and the role art plays in human cognition.

Instagram: @will.scream