How did Gypsquard start?

It started when I, Gypsquard MG, was young and played with G-tone from Johannesburg’s Alexandra Township in South Africa. We tried different styles of art like dancing, singing, drawing, and drama. After trying different styles of art we formed a group that is now over 15 years old. I am the director and editor of the group because I have a good mind for art, and I am connected to the Johannesburg Theater Advisor of Art & Culture, Leaf Mabasa. Leaf was once the leader of our dancing group called Black Diamond, but he moved on, and we started a new chapter as a photography group. We always felt like we were real art characters, but our present to the graphic arts was not what we expected. No one expected that we would stay together because we didn’t have any funds or any connections after Leaf left. However, there was no one in our group who felt disrespected when it came to our practice, and we paid close attention to each other to stay together. With the strength and faith that we had from our many years together, we looked for opportunities and worked hard. People from Johannesburg saw what we were doing, supported us, and pushed us to create more and earn respect.

When did Gypsquard form?

Gypsquard formed in 2014, and I created the logo in 2015 in Alexandra. Our Facebook account was hacked in 2016, so we created another one in Zebediela, Limpopo.

Where did the name Gypsquard come from?

Gypsquard’s name was coined by  my friend, G-tone, and it’s allocated to any procedure that is going to make a sound or an object that is uniquely ours. As the head director, I promote the brand as Gypsquard Crew because we are all photographers, designers, and creative directors in our own way, and I want every person in the group to be recognized for all of their skills.

Where is Gypsquard from? 

Gypsquard and its members are from Johannesburg and Limpopo provinces in South Africa.

How many years has Gypsquard tried to reach out?

We spent over four years trying to get the Gypsquard name out and present our work to good people. For those first four years, we took single edition pictures and advertised them globally. We were not in a hurry, and some of our models wanted to give up, so I told them to take their own photos and send them to me for creative digital design. The plan worked for all of us, and we opened a new Facebook page in 2019 that presents our style.
Blessings soon came from connections we formed with an Italian graphic designer, Salvatore Occhipinti, and Illona Jodlowska, who is our photography analyst and romantic fine art designer. With their help, we created the Gypsquard Element album in 2019, and after working with Salvatore and Illona, we began to create our pictures as visual themes in different albums. 
Upcoming work from Gypsquard will include photo streams with a lot of illustrations that are attentional and dramatic. We especially appreciate the support from Asia, Europe, South America, Arabia, and Africa that we have received, and we are honored to believe that Gypsquard is known around the world.

What was challenging to create and promote?

It was hard to compare what I think with what people expect from Gypsquard. Most of our creative process comes from the mindsets of our directors and the characteristics of our artists. We also use tips from some of our models to make digital textures, and we are close to making a unique and recognizable texture.

What category does Gypsquard fall under?

Gypsquard falls under the categories of photo art, photography, and music.

How can one connect to Gypsquard?


Facebook: Gypsquard Photography Style