The Market

Oh blessed totality
Oh holiest economy
Seems our branding is in symmetry
Sailing on the diamondish sea
Of empty black tranquility

Those postcards in the newspaper are always divination.
Dead end show flyer in a paperless nation.
Investors scream and shout in the ovation
Wrecked out in an ocean of meaningless stations.

There’s no you and there’s no me.
Seems our brand is in symmetry
Lowest gaze to a modern astrology
Drawing down the drowning in and on empty.

Stable ground was we guess not ours to have
Stolen from under us while you gnaw and lash
and at our treading tired ankle and calve.

Oh blessed commodity
Oh holiest economy
our magic brand slow sunk
Right into
the ever owned land

Operatic Rapture

Is this could be going on
Or could it be not
Trapped in the earthquake
No breaking out
But I Doubt I’ll get caught

Wake up
Get fucked
Go Get
your gun
and pee

I got nothing, and get then done
Cause it’s like Kum and Go, 10w40, getting slow
Whatever happens is ok in gene-real
In general.

I committed it
a person at midnight
Knife crossed throat
Squirted till they (were) blood broke
I’ve just started but they’re always out to get me
On my way to work and to hand out the D
Oh well ‘cause you were never we
Didn’t mean to make you feel
This is all too real

Running while I wipe at sweat
Tried to take a pet when we first met
On the way to the pound hands holding a big net
Our main characters not dead yet
I’ll bet

Where’d ya go?
My I tested intent
May I pass the salt
While you waltz with Walt

Sometimes I wish nothing upon myself

I make out shadows
They’re carpentering
But can they make a deck
“No we can’t”
Can you build this deck?
“No won’t”

Natural disasters befell onto me and
Disturbed my soul greatly

Astronomy dude! Help me!
This was never my intent!
Surely I’m not rude!

I’m a person
They’re just a person
Don’t kill ‘em

Oh well, I’m leaving
You may not
I think I may
You may not
I’d like to leave now

(A scuffle ensues)
I have another place I know!

Who thinks they can do all this stuff to me? Who thinks they can screw
like this on me?
I need escape always.

You now see
A complete
Gotta go

Photo by Lily Farr on Unsplash


wanna go to a Ritual
wanna get some residuals
Gimme gimme something physical
the cynical clinical pinnacle
Is oh so Cylindrical

Starting to stop policing
You’ve lost that coven feelin
Premium scoffers maybe let
Someone else lick the coffers

Arguing over a job offer

Photo by timJ on Unsplash


Allegory was in vogue at the time
Ghosting general gauntlet with blame
Computer alluded to morrow slime
We mount elusive for money and fame

Passivity possessed passion the most
Can we really control through attitude
Keep the trust in those who always spoke boast
The marches trawl to drudge apart mood

The advantage stood to the watchers view
Looks like the new wont fulfill my account
Seems as if the future just wont make do
Couldn’t stop the wanting endless amount

Blandness is causing listless aggression
Doubt anyone will learn any kind lesson

All of the toys in a row

Its a display she gazed into her own shop window
and thought all the toys are in a row 
They’re for a purpose, not just for show

Dead nap whispers off of fallen trails 
The objects and fetishes whimper clatter 
Its the tectonic plates acting as the servants of the earth on its scale

The lord has resigned and been reassigned.
We all ruses shout at the nurse. She elaborated all well and fine.  
There have been layoffs.
The crust is stretching. 

The entity had a skin disorder,  lava infection. Trees agreed and evaporated. Nature is itself and we as opaque
opulent ornaments saving ourselves for seance. 

The distance that held nothing besides the flowing forth and reflections of waves and particles and even that eventually goes. The camisole is tight on Bedelia, she struggles in the secure monitored room. 

The doctors treat her on television as a special series on the anatomy of the emotionally defective at a for profit wellness institute on a for profit vision station. The doctors have no dial on the sitch. The camera crew is remote. The editing as memory is fleeting. 

Bedelia now attempts defining the path to partake in as to prove her defects weren’t all that bad:

“Take one: Here and  there as you can see, these objects represent my sanity, all the soldiers in a row, with guns and knife and cannon in tow. All the globe they over run and risk a game that ain’t no fun. All the dolls so pretty, quiet on the window sill, they look blank and just sit still, The action men of toon and sport seemed to game and cavort”

One of the doctors sauntered in and sucked the oxygen from the room. Bedelia’s bedeviled face bedazzled out blank. The rows of dolls choir their song of not. The armies laying in wait, for a time of action that never came.

Night cheese you taste so good

to have the world in my mouth I would
Teeth gnawing melty savory sensation
Pleasure from knife, ain’t too sharp
The cuts soft pale clean slip with fuzzed friction  

Separation splitting splinter it

Sexual slick sarcasm post chasm flotsam
Sickened self from wasting labor 
Wasted on where, the points didn’t exchange worth effort well enough 
The effort was a learned family habit
combined with advanced forms of self harm 
The other efforts weren’t as pressing it seemed,
as they were unmonetized side gigs
Wrestling invisible non entities less than alone 
Muscles tear in promotion 
Extraction of spirit approaches 
Tight tongues no touch no 
Aglow standing alone in un-triumph 
Expressionless special features 
You will meet me at this time
You will meet me on this path because its the only one
Please have no meaningful conversations 
Please leave yourself somewhere else
Please cast your pre fab character in bronze 
Please do what we say 
I’m not asking I’m telling 
In case I am not being clear 
Distractions are provided occasionally here,
or this path is made of them,
never the less it has a familiar shape
Never say we didn’t do everything for you
Please speak in polite terms 
Please make ones self presentable for all
Your success is mine, your failure is you
Do not rub others the wrong way
while they’re caving your spirit in with a dull blunt object
Please leave all memories on the floor
Please leave negative emotions somewhere where they won’t pile up
Wipe after 
Stray thoughts and realities will be promptly executed 
A list of the forbidden negatives will be provided possibly never 
React positively now
Give us a smile, a real one please, ok yes that but more realer 
This is empowerment 
Please feel that feeling now
Please be sober when we say to in ways we imply
Sign this contract
We can terminate at any time 
Thank me 
I gave you so much 
Listen when I’m talking
You always have a choice
No interruptions
Are you listening 
Who are you as far as we go
We’d take you in parts
We love parts 
I’m helping you
We allow you to peer into peers windows here,
that’s the freedom of looking and second hand emotion having 
Please limit the answer to make it acceptable in this circumstance. 
Why did you leave them? 
What trope are you right now?
What stock character?
We only like some kinds you see, we don’t like other kinds.
The other kinds are rendered null or molded through violence.
Please we ask that you annunciate words in a manner of the times when making official verbal communicates on behalf of us, you have pasted the first hurdle by even being here, I assure you its an honor. We allow you to express the feeling of being proud now.
We find you acceptable as long as you act that way, we would say we wouldn’t care what’s going on in the old wrinkle computer, but studies have shown the unacceptable sometimes starts there and moves negativity through the body in shock waves and out through the actions 
Please limit your responses, we do this all the time and bore easily. We are now bored. You are not allowed to comment at this time. I’m avoiding looking at you as to not gauge your reaction about this.
Tell us of a time where you made someone not bored. Please fall within the previous guidelines. Make eye contact please. Don’t react to any of this, it may or may not be a test, we might let you know how you did. 
What causes you to fall into depressive episodes,
we need to keep an eye on this. 
How much do you value health? We don’t mean health in the traditional sense only in an appearance sense. Gaze manipulations are made easier when a healthy one is presented to most of the experiencers of us, but we care and as a matter of fact strongly enforce the love of self here. We like a self controlled individual, makes the management very much smoother. Some things are more palatable, some things are more fuckable, some things are more sellable to more others, some things are just more juicy, we need that. Some people just have it, and some people are it. You see we are in the business of you. Flow but if we put you in the freezer we expect that to stop. We expect our expectations to be met, people can and will outburst at you, but don’t you dare do it back. This is a positivity based company, this is a god based company, this is a dream based company, this is a land based company. You will need to provide your own food, personal protective equipment, attitude, tools, lodging, adornments, objects, community, companions, and character design. By being here your consent is implied. Previous points are fair game. This is not unreasonable. You might be by thinking that this is unreasonable and your outburst doesn’t reflect well on your personality assessment. People like predictability from you, please don’t ask the same from us, that’s impossible. 
You’re insane 
We’ve dissolved the contract 
Now go
You always have a choice

Fetid fanatical found objects

Crowd gargles unrecycled plastics
“I think I have to leave the party” 
Someone yelled quietly

The mass urged them to please reconsider 

Broke. Risky. Shifty.  

Scattered out. Never ever nifty 
Squinting is give headache.
This person shows signs of crumble

Ones snipe sight spots 
Some body twitch sometime
There are gods in the sky

They’re flying in floatation 
A light unnoticed spits in 
Concrete growls out scrawl  

The ground consistent shiftin
A bulky banshee vore victim 
Liquid sanctuary Atheneum 

Infiltrated penetrated traitors
C grade celeb deaths sure
Are some fleeting headlines cure

My family is a dream strangler 
If you do this bad things will happen 
Well bad things happened either ways 

Dressed up in formulaic formation 
Sell out Sally and the emotions police 

Are coming for us with religion of body peace
And a rather expensive pandering piece 

Keep your head up but at a specified angle stop
tryin to wrangle keep skin smooth and gussied up
Or you’ll get hauled off quickly and briskly shushed

Seems People only fret because of your use
Labor looms and longing for a new pair of shoes,
looming half destroyed outlook seems obtuse 

Set vapid control on negotiated negations, humanity mathematic station Contracts all implied, nationalist ethereal snide
feeling like there’s nothing left to hide

About the Author

Trevor Marshall is a resident of Queens, NY and resided mostly in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul until now. They currently work at a retail job in Manhattan, and other things they did for money include but are not limited to: carrying wood to wood chipper, wiping off cars for the denizens of a suburb, librarian at a bed and breakfast, measuring men for rental clothing in a mall, and throwing shoes into bins in alphabetical order. They live with one dog. They on occasion write and live in a shroud of… something.