Fear of Love: The Irony

Imagine if we acknowledge that we need oxygen to breathe but carry a value proposition that advises us not to believe it is our birthright to breathe oxygen. That we are unworthy of feeling safe in the fact that as we live, we may also breathe. We see how insane this proposition is. But so too with love and through our conditioning, we can believe that love is not our core of existence. We may see in the most extreme of situations where we believe love is a luxury and not our source of existence.

When we see love and deep true love, we may balk at it. We may believe it is an illusion or a trap. I present to you the alternative perspective. Love is life force. Love is the base of our energy exchange with all things and most importantly with the way we view ourselves. This factor alone can determine a persons aptitude for experiencing happiness and potential for experiencing peace. So, when we can see or glimpse real love we may then feel fear of the conditions of that love, fear of the veracity of that love, fear of the harmonizing with that feeling of love and fear that love itself doesn’t exist because to see true love and to become true love are two different ways to experience love. The first presumes you are separate, while the latter recognizes that you at your core of existence are one with love. Any time we bring fear into a love equation we bring to the surface our limiting abilities to sync with love in our life. The miraculous flow of love that once we connect to completely, we embrace our existence completely.

So if someone tells you they love you, appreciate the affection, but understand deeply that this is truly the most valuable gift we can receive from another. It is an acknowledgement of source exchanged and sharing the recognition that love at its core is the deepest way we can relate with ourselves and with another. This is because love is our purest existence. When we shutter from love, and run away from those that we share love with, we are allowing fear of lack of love and the deepest fallacy in our human condition to deny you the experience of life because to experience love and deep true love is to experience life.

About the Author

Caitlin Hayes is a lawyer, spiritualist, model, vegan and entrepreneur.

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