We like to think of ourselves as a free and welcoming community that all artists can join because we believe in freedom of expression and inclusivity in the arts. Visual artists, musicians, actors, writers, filmmakers, and other creators are all welcome to become a part of Gratis. There are no minimum or maximum qualifications. Whether just starting out, emerging or experienced, anyone and everyone can participate in our collective body of artwork from all over the world by sharing creative work with us. The services we offer are free artist features on our website and free publicity for those features on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We believe that the internet is still a good place for people to connect with eachother, and sharing with your friends online is a great way to do that. Each of Gratis’ artist features has sharing buttons at the end of it, and we encourage you to use them to share some of our artists’ work with your friends on social media. This action will not only help you connect with your friends online and share your taste with them, it will help artists become more popular and their work more recognizable. We ask only that you please share their features responsibly.

Our Name

The name “Gratis” was chosen for our community because it means free, given or done for nothing and without charge in the English language. “Gratis” also has Latin roots that define it as pleasing, acceptable, agreeable, welcome, dear, beloved, grateful and thankful. We think the name fits what our website and community are about, and we hope you think so too!


Gratis is expanding so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in sharing your creativity or other talents here. When more people participate it makes us better.

Other Thoughts

Have a nice day! 🙂