Dominick grew up in Brooklyn, New York and started making art at the age of 18. He tried to sell art in the West Village, but only sold one drawing which made his day. Then he got into photography, and he loved it. He started shooting celebrities for page six of the New York Post, and working in night clubs. Now his love for Pop Art is here.

Dominick creates Pop Art by taking a photo, adding digital art to it, and transferring it to a canvas with Mod Podge. Some of the outcome looks grungy and ripped which gives it an original feel. He loves to work with acrylic color and markers to bring out the subject matter. He also makes 3D art on canvas and fabric.

The majority of Dominick’s work is selected from whatever makes him happiest. What happens in his studio makes everything happen for him, and he stays focused on that. He doesn’t have one style and loves to explore different styles. Sometimes Dominick feels like he paints his subjects too carefully, and realizes he has the freedom to be a little sloppy instead of so neat. According to Dominick, “Even when I’m finished, I would look at it for days, and then add something else on the subject.” He also loves to make people happy when they purchase his artwork.

Facebook: Dominick Conde
Instagram: Dominickcondephotoart