Landan the Alaskan werewolf and Ocea the Hawaiian mermaid made to walk on land fall in love right before they both join “The Hero Academy.” They meet when Landan is drowning in the water after trying to “save” Ocea. Landan thinks she is drowning and he tries to save her. He then gets caught up in a whirlpool that protects Ocea after entering the water. Landan howls in despair as Ocea looks back to see that a person is drowning. The first thought in Ocea’s head is that he is someone that wants to hurt her. Ocea walks over to Landan and asks him who he is. “I’m Landan, and I was trying to help you, I thought you were drowning,” Landan replies. Ocea falls in love because she found out that he was trying to save her. Ocea carries him to land. Landan thanks her for saving him and tries to run off. Ocea yells after him , ” Please wait!” Landan looks back in a very shy manner and asks, “Huh? Why?” Ocea tells him that she has fallen in love with him. Landan is curious and questions, “You love me now?” Ocea answers back, “Yes I have.” The two fall deep in love with each other, and everyone is so happy that they all rejoice. These pictures are taken after falling in love. Landan and Ocea hope you all love their relationship too.

Untitled 1

Sickness many other me….
you found him?….
not me? not me?……
depression hits my heart……
why am i so alone?….
you found HIM? i’m the one lost….
help me, help me, HELP ME PLEASE!

Dark Air love is a drag…..
rather be smoking cigarettes….
black black lungs…..
black black heart…….
emptiness, the void, a black hole…
where do i find you?….
i can’t see a thing….
i can’t hear a thing….
a can’t FEEL A THING….

Untitled 2

Stranded love the world is so empty,
nowhere to go, no sign of life…
this is a drought no love or water,
thirsting for love yearning for life,
waiting for someone to help me up,
reaching reaching no one,
in the depths of this cold i am alone,
i walk a thousand miles to nowhere
and there i find nothing,
i look beyond into the dark of space
and i call out, no response…
where are you LOVE? i feel so alone,
life is so empty without you…
again i reach and still thin air,
where do i find something that is not there?

About the Artist

Aaron Ollero is from the Philippine islands, and lives in Wailuku, Hawaii. He is a photographer, digital artist, graphic designer, martial artist and writer.

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