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Eleanna Fin

Eleanna Fin is an a NYC based actress and singer from Greece who grew up on the islands of Crete and Rhodes. She is a Sagittarius who always carries cedar, thyme, stone, the olive tree, the sea and the sun with her. Fin grew up with a dog named Max, who is a collie. He is the reason why she knows what unconditional love is. Books, dreams, music and coffee are inseparable parts of her everyday life, and her friends sometimes call her an “aeriko” or a pixie because she often has her mind somewhere in the sky.

At an early age she felt the need to tell a story one way or another. Inspired by the books she read, she wrote her stories down, visualized them and performed the roles in them. She also remembers spending endless hours singing with her father and listening to artists like Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, Manos Hatzidakis, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Elton John, Mikis Theodorakis, Jules Dassin and Bob Dylan.

Theater and music are almost the same thing to her. To perform in either discipline, all she has to think about is the story she wants to tell. If she had to pick a reason and a purpose for performing, it would be to understand and connect with each other much deeper than the surface that everyone easily sees.

Instagram: @eleannafinokolioti

Facebook: @eleanna.finos


Abiodun Dabiri

Abiodun Dabiri is a pencil artist with special skills in designing cartoon illustrations. His cartoon drawing dates back to his early childhood. With constant practice, what started as a hobby soon became his talent. In 1988, he developed an interest in selling his hand drawn comic books to his friends. He later attended St. Gregory’s College in Lagos, Nigeria where he majored in science.

Recently, he developed various pencil drawing methods including what he calls the “Matrix M4” cross hatching technique. Dabiri is currently working on a book he plans to publish called “Learn How to Draw for Beginners.” It is a 100 percent practical step by step technical drawing guide. He also wants to expand his reach by teaching higher spiritual principles with his drawing skills and printing his designs on various objects. A few of his designs are available as gift items or souvenirs on Redbubble.

Facebook: BD Art


Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash
Motion Avhazwifuni (Cafma & Belinto Ft. Meskay)
SP House MZ

Belinto is the stage name for South African vocalist Lufuno Munzhedzi. He makes rap music in his home province of Limpopo, South Africa, and he was born in a small village called Mavhunga in what was then a Bantustan called Venda. Bantustans were designated by the white-dominated government as “national homelands” for Black South Africans who the whites called Bantu. The existence of these states further oppressed Black South Africans under apartheid rule. At the end of apartheid, Venda became a part of what is now Limpopo province, and Belinto considers his music to be “Limpopo music” and in the “Venda rap category” because of his roots in the area. He raps in a the Tshivenda language with a brand called “Zijayzi Music.” He also speaks almost all of the numerous South African languages. He says he is in love with music, so he is spending more time in the studio which makes him “a singer with a lot of flows.” Belinto started his career as a vocalist in 2014.