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Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash
Motion Avhazwifuni (Cafma & Belinto Ft. Meskay)
SP House MZ

Belinto is the stage name for South African vocalist Lufuno Munzhedzi. He makes rap music in his home province of Limpopo, South Africa, and he was born in a small village called Mavhunga in what was then a Bantustan called Venda. Bantustans were designated by the white-dominated government as “national homelands” for Black South Africans who the whites called Bantu. The existence of these states further oppressed Black South Africans under apartheid rule. At the end of apartheid, Venda became a part of what is now Limpopo province, and Belinto considers his music to be “Limpopo music” and in the “Venda rap category” because of his roots in the area. He raps in a the Tshivenda language with a brand called “Zijayzi Music.” He also speaks almost all of the numerous South African languages. He says he is in love with music, so he is spending more time in the studio which makes him “a singer with a lot of flows.” Belinto started his career as a vocalist in 2014.


Dixon Quinones

Dixon Quinones is a digital artist, videographer, director, editor, animator, illustrator, photographer, communicator and graphic designer. He has over 25 years of experience in media communications, education, commercial art, illustration and design. Dixon has worked with various types of publications, multimedia, animation, short films and video. He recently moved to New York City in search of new expressive opportunities.

Instagram: @dixon.quinones

Wilhelm Scream

These works were created by digital artist & photographer Wilhelm Scream. He uses found imagery, artificial intelligence and his camera to create surreal works that range from the liminal to the totally abstract. His work is inspired by the surreal, pop art and dada, and it brings those movements into the modern day with digital tools. Wilhelm Scream (real name Sam Garbus) is also inspired by Mike Winklemann, known as Beeple, and his Everydays because they influenced his own practice of creating art on a daily basis. Scream found his footing in digital art as a student of art and anthropology at the University of California Santa Cruz. After taking a couple photography classes, one of his professors encouraged him to push his editing to the limits. This inspired him to begin an artistic process that starts with a basic image, and adds layer after layer of digital effects that change his photographs into abstract digital paintings. 

Over the years Wilhelm has delved into other mediums such as sculpture, blending these works with photography to create liminal scenes exploring various themes. These sculptures and photographs were exhibited in Bohemia in the Czech Republic and in Santa Cruz California, USA. Currently his works explore the similarities between AI algorithms and the unconscious human mind. Scream seeks to blur the lines between artistic inspiration and the semi-random noise of artificial neurons. Furthermore, he is interested in how we assign meaning and value to artistic creations, and the role art plays in human cognition. 

Instagram: @will.scream