Jose Delacruz makes T-shirts and paintings. At the top left is a three foot by five foot painting, the first in what became his Mountain Monks series. The rest of the Mountain Monks are five inches by seven inches. At the bottom right is Lightning in a Bottle. It is three inches by five inches and a part of his Intellect & Instinct series, shown below.

Intellect & Instinct tells the story of Intellect and Instinct, two characters who travel to the present in search of meaning, and are transformed along the way. They morph from dog to human, split into multiple intellects, and eventually become a bigger, stronger Intellect. This new person is a gentleman, a saintly king, and a saintly scholar. Intellect meets Sunny Side, falls in love, and travels around the world. Then he meets Venus and the story continues.

About the Artist

Jose Delacruz sold his paintings on a West Broadway Manhattan street corner for seven years, and taught art at the Manhattan’s Beacon Program for six years.

Facebook: Jose Delacruz