Lyft New York

Life is a beautiful distraction
time is so abstract
Pablo’s out of order vibrancy
with Rembrandt essence
but the substance of Basquiat

Moments are framed
camera couldn’t have been more perfectly aimed
a picture so sweet it could never be named

‘Tis a bitter sweet quality
have and have not
agony in wait
a slow frustrating untie of knots
impatiences of a horn beep
a slow drive with true love in opposite seat
falling in and losing love

Its kinda’ like that
put my headphones on in a taxi and sit back
open my minds eye and sit back
this city’s alive
this city’s every echo
in tune with a soundtrack

The Harlem Renaissance
the requiem of dream’s
midsummer night’s heat wave and subway performers glee
44 caliber spree in October
birth of Hip Hop, the bridge is over
bodies dump in cement to erect Trump’s towers
newspaper ads that steal central park visitors’ freedom and power

The Jackson 5, Pollock, Freddy, Marc, Curtis –
15 minutes of fame as hours, years
Gordon Parks eye that makes
janitors relate regally, standing
Hell’s Kitchen beauty queen keys Sinatra ballads
soul food for smoothing even the roughest pallets

Such a beautiful beat
Jay-z timbre, on a Reuben roll
Is the only way to the throne

to eat just grab a big bite of the Apple
And sink your teeth in to leave a mark

Falling in and losing love
Its kinda like that
Put my headphones on in a taxi and sit back
Open my minds eye and sit back
This city’s alive, this city’s a soundtrack

Love hate relationship
Open, visually exclusive
Juanita didn’t do it
Lies and rough rides
Plungers sodomize tarry stops
selling loosies to choke outs garnered by skin type
Song can grow cold, reviving somber blues as Sachmo blows history pain true
Lennon belts a yesterday tune
Cab and Alley dances a waltz with the beautiful Copeland
Nikki Giovanni couldn’t have wrote it alone
Black Ace’s parachute from high rises in night
Into a ribbon of red brake lights playing a saxophone

Blood flow into the heart, our homeland the towers
Ancient dusky pavement rivers
The great city is villain, hero, healer…

Falling in and losing love
Its kinda like that
Put your headphones on and sit back
Open your eyes and sit back
This city’s alive, this city
we are it’s soundtrack

In the Shadow of Your Smile

The shadow of your smile when you are gone
will color all my dreams and light the dark til dawn
look into my eyes, my love, and see the treasure I see

All the lovely things you are to me
our wistful little star was far and so high
in our perfect moment shared between you and I

Hours stretched for years in your arms and eyes
flame has turned to flicker
left floating like fireflies

So we will share our last dance as if flames of candlelight
So our love never dies
as we make love vigorous yet softly but teary eyed

Secret affair concludes – after just one more little lie
we will keep this secret but have nothing left to hide
and go on with our lives,

And when we happen to pass each other by
carefully meeting eyes
I’ll pull my lady closer while you embrace into his side
and none will be all the wiser

But behind our eyes
memories of our passionate times
your revenge and mine
more or less the perfect crime

So as you lay with yours and I lay with mine
we’ll be quietly repenting yet smitten all the while
A guilty smirk is the only evidence to be found

To give memory a kiss
the memory of a passionate night
to see you only dressed a bath moonlight
to feelings of your moisture and trembling in bliss

More could be told but as a gentleman I refrain
but Mona Lisa and I have it in common
sweetest joy and pain
to always be a stranger who smiles inside when I hear your name
Yet always a stranger I’ll remain

Whenever you taste our wine
when in your bath as water caresses your skin,
when you have that moment we’ll share our vengeance and secret sin
We will rest in that release of ecstasy divine

You can look at him and see me all the while
and if ever he neglects his treasure
I am there, in that moment
In the shadow of your smile

on The Day He Created

Have you ever had a birthday when you ain’t get nothing?
Have you ever went to sleep but have satisfied nothing?
Nothing to sip to ease pain,
Not a dollar to you name,
No one to care if you wake to relive the same old story every day?

Out of the nest, you fly, and Hawks do the same
Welcome to a glimpse of a cold world
I saw a homeless man holding a sign saying
“I have Good want Nothing”
A thirsty soul question for you
Is it in you, the spiritual strength to continue?

It should leave you hungry for something
You look deep in the abyss and see your life as a whole
Try to fill that void in your soul
Picture trying to fill that hole…

Strive for the best but you lose
Still, in your station you keep moving along
Still never elevating your head out the hole
every wake to sleep
Some dark times to think about
No time to think
hardly anyone makes it out
your great great grandfather, nor your father
repeating his life cycle thinking you’re overdue for riches

Faith –
in action leave residue
only one option
then and now
is hard work.

But still, you see yourself sitting in the crowd
and not getting the award, on stage,
giving the announcement,
Thinking to yourself, should I choose the sword?
Hell’s bell, “better call Saul”
Could you lose the passion in the night?
suffering long the slavery of crafty demonic torment and sleepless nights?

Critics without a home let me get this right
you tell me I didn’t do it right
but you aren’t at the top of my food chain
you just feed yourself on opinions
of my fruits in my legacy
How do you make a champion and never fought a fight?
Rocky may be the road of creed
When you live for what you create, you’re “good”
but people believe you need help
You live for that one day when you debut,
begging and longing to contribute by your own deed


Expect nothing
expect nothing, but don’t ever lose your self. Believe!
Put your faith in your creator
and let your belief convert your being,
Keep a safe distance from those
who only see your talent when you are great,
tell the world you are like god
and live as your own savior
Even when you give your inner glow
and let god live within
He will shine on you
Whether your struggle is to contribute food for thought or just eat.

A gamble
A hussle
A bottle

Never sit a hater at your table
to break bread and sharpen his teeth
Never feed them from a bowl because they will eat twice.
You prepared a table to sit them down with fast food
Make them sit in your world and fix them a plate
To see your vision raw and cooked.

All I see is pain, yanked from comfort of womb,
birthed to be apart from warmth of true love
to reside and die,
search to be whole in a cold place.

Until the end you only adapt to it becoming numb
no matter what your place is.
Death must only be a momentary release
Win or lose in life, death will give you no answers
So why fear loss in the first place?

Lock a man up for years
but you can never imprison his mind
The terminator could kill “Tookie”
Change is beautiful
Late bloomers are still beautiful blossoms
An opus has its day as the pain ironically completes
Stealing the beauty of life to learn about the beauty in it
to try to rescue others, from weed to rose bloom
we’re all rare flowers that bloom before we are planted
and we will all leave this planet
with or without NASA

So if people tell you failure is due
or even tell you your life is wasted
expect nothing
expect nothing
but the fact that we all live on Earth’s surface
expect nothing.

So continue to work your hardest
believe your hero or heroine heard that too
Put your ten toes down in the mud
and live to the essence of you
If you say “I am self made,”
I need no vow other than one I say to myself
Don’t fool yourself
No glory if death takes me
because I live like every splash of color on the canvas
I live on and off the canvas
I hop off God’s paintbrush
forcing you to truly look at the canvas
so why would you ever want to count me out?

Abstract, so as heartbeats beat and breath breathes
my life pulses onto my canvas
I will always be alive to complete my conquest.
So hater, naysayer, non-believer,
and doubter of my potential best
as long as a heart is in my chest,
I will show you my best
and like a painting I will speak.


Story of a people, born in hell,
Harvested to Harvest,
Into a life of Darwin,
Tragically victims of America’s progress,

Genetic experiments,
Enslaved, given cocaine to increase daily productivity,
Then cops got bigger bullets
‘Cause twenty twos can’t stop the offspring
of Big Sara and Bernard

Doctor Frankenstein creates super workers,
Everyday he looks at his problems,
Eagerly trying to lay, or devise the solutions
to destroy his monster, playing close to chess
Prophetic he blended in his monster his own DNA,
so it’s a game of self.

Wrote the declaration and raped
and made bastard house help in the same day,
Increasingly we never learn from history,
Today we repeat, Jeffersonic, #MeToo
His hand sells the same poison to people.

Restricted to the black quarters,
And it leaked outside of borders,
Children still come from poverty,
Eager to still appease a Master to be worthy,

In the end it’s still the same story,
He is doubted, and considered less
than man in every achievement,
Subtle slight in title addressing.

Ask Obama why he’s hated
when he sought only to help the people,
Must black always be more than pigment,
Ethical resentment, black in color not in spirit?
Rage inside but spirit humble
Zulu warriors fighting cannons with spears still,
In the case of Kaepernick he light skin with good hair,
Caucasian parent and upbringing,
And still made America mad
by protesting killings of black people

But Fredrick Douglas did
and got the same but changed the think tank,
Unity’s and equality’s wheels start moving
once the country’s healed from splitting
Truth is that we lost a lot of young men

Will there have to be a Gettysburg again?
Eternally can we resolve the issues?

And brothers yet again,
Literal like when master’s son worked in the field
and master’s son went to school,
Land we in wasn’t even ours
so we walk hypocritically on stolen soil

{The Rub}

Sins still the same:
money, sex, power, drugs, theft, pride, and lust,
All while we fine Christmas.
Claim to love thy brother as thyself,
Must be irony and shame to look upon the people
that are symbolic of the story of man.
Earth, people aren’t ready for
what an advanced being would say

Probably would conduct experiments
to see why we act this way,
Endless amusement maybe,
we the pet reality TV show of the universe,
On their covert safari tours of Earth,
Problematic but palatable for me to understand,
Looking through one race in history,
Evident that my race probably did similar to every other race like this in early B.C. History,

{Here is the rub again}



So we kill them off, shift land masses
and restart periodically,
Maybe they will look at
Skyscraper remains like Pyramids,
Coming out the cradle again,
Alien view of humanity is to be hands on but unseen,
Because we seen black skin mistreated for centuries,
Logically we know we would receive worse being seen as highly intelligent, foreign and green.