Photo by David Emrich on Unsplash

The Market

Oh blessed totality
Oh holiest economy
Seems our branding is in symmetry
Sailing on the diamondish sea
Of empty black tranquility

Those postcards in the newspaper are always divination.
Dead end show flyer in a paperless nation.
Investors scream and shout in the ovation
Wrecked out in an ocean of meaningless stations.

There’s no you and there’s no me.
Seems our brand is in symmetry
Lowest gaze to a modern astrology
Drawing down the drowning in and on empty.

Stable ground was we guess not ours to have
Stolen from under us while you gnaw and lash
and at our treading tired ankle and calve.

Oh blessed commodity
Oh holiest economy
our magic brand slow sunk
Right into
the ever owned land

Operatic Rapture

Is this could be going on
Or could it be not
Trapped in the earthquake
No breaking out
But I Doubt I’ll get caught

Wake up
Get fucked
Go Get
your gun
and pee

I got nothing, and get then done
Cause it’s like Kum and Go, 10w40, getting slow
Whatever happens is ok in gene-real
In general.

I committed it
a person at midnight
Knife crossed throat
Squirted till they (were) blood broke
I’ve just started but they’re always out to get me
On my way to work and to hand out the D
Oh well ‘cause you were never we
Didn’t mean to make you feel
This is all too real

Running while I wipe at sweat
Tried to take a pet when we first met
On the way to the pound hands holding a big net
Our main characters not dead yet
I’ll bet

Where’d ya go?
My I tested intent
May I pass the salt
While you waltz with Walt

Sometimes I wish nothing upon myself

I make out shadows
They’re carpentering
But can they make a deck
“No we can’t”
Can you build this deck?
“No won’t”

Natural disasters befell onto me and
Disturbed my soul greatly

Astronomy dude! Help me!
This was never my intent!
Surely I’m not rude!

I’m a person
They’re just a person
Don’t kill ‘em

Oh well, I’m leaving
You may not
I think I may
You may not
I’d like to leave now

(A scuffle ensues)
I have another place I know!

Who thinks they can do all this stuff to me? Who thinks they can screw
like this on me?
I need escape always.

You now see
A complete
Gotta go

Photo by timJ on Unsplash


Allegory was in vogue at the time
Ghosting general gauntlet with blame
Computer alluded to morrow slime
We mount elusive for money and fame

Passivity possessed passion the most
Can we really control through attitude
Keep the trust in those who always spoke boast
The marches trawl to drudge apart mood

The advantage stood to the watchers view
Looks like the new wont fulfill my account
Seems as if the future just wont make do
Couldn’t stop the wanting endless amount

Blandness is causing listless aggression
Doubt anyone will learn any kind lesson