Lia Ali

Lia graduated from The National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, and later studied at the New York Academy of Art. She now works with murals, stained glass, mosaics, watercolor, oil paint, and acrylic paint.

2014 – Solo exhibition at Brooklyn Library – Kings Highway Library – Brooklyn, NY
2014 – Exhibition at Ward Nasse Gallery – New York, NY
2014 – Restoration at Paramount Theater – Staten Island, NY
2014 – Group art show “Imagine This” – Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition – Brooklyn, NY
2014 – Show at Empire Hotel – New York, NY
2014 – Yay Art Gala – Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers, New York, NY
2014 – Gowanus Open Studios – Brooklyn Workshop Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
2014 – “We Heart it”- 46 Lounge by Rockefeller Center – New York, NY
2014 – “Small is Beautiful”- Flowers Gallery – New York, NY
2014 – Group show – Dacia Gallery – New York, NY
2015 – Mural at Bulgarian Orthodox Church – New York, NY
2015 – Platt & Borstein Galleries at American Jewish University – Los Angeles, CA
2015 – Gallery nine 5 at Pulse Art Fair Miami – Miami, FL
2016 – Frank Lloyd Gallery – Santa Monica, CA
2016 – Cirrus Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
2016 – William Turner Gallery – Santa Monica, CA
2016 – Blum and Poe Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
2016 – David Richard Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
2016 – “Holiday Treasures” – Debra Huse Gallery – Newport Beach, CA
2017 – “Musical Motifs” – California Art Club – San Marino, CA
2017 – “Color Me Bold” – San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Museum – Tarzana, CA
2017 – Art Hearts Fashion Show – Angel Orensanz Foundation – New York, NY
2017 – The Set NYC – Holy Apostles Church – New York, NY
2018 – Figment NYC – Union Square Ballroom – New York, NY
2018 – Les Coloures NYC- Domenico Vacca Gallery – New York, NY
2018 – “Long Island City Artists” – Plaxall Gallery – Long Island City, New York, NY
2018 – Salmagundi Club Members Show – New York, NY
2018 – Gallery 104 – New York, NY

You can contact her at

Jose Delacruz

Jose Delacruz sold his paintings on a West Broadway Manhattan street corner for seven years, and taught art at the Beacon Program for six years. You can see more of his work at

Teddy Emiliano

Teddy Emiliano is a freelance video editor, and photographer from the Bronx, New York. He currently works on The Broken Chill Button, and Happenings.

Sarah Joy Gatchalian

Sarah Joy Gatchalian is a New York City graphic designer, and visual artist. She sometimes goes by the name “Catus.”

Renard Kelley

Renard Kelley, AKA VENS, is from Long Island, New York. His journey started in his childhood before he could spell his name. Comic books, especially Marvel, caught his attention growing up. He enjoyed reproducing artwork he saw in comics like Heavy Metal, Creepy and Eerie magazines until he branched off and created his own world of comics. Renard went to school for art, and studied oils, acrylic, still life, and landscape paintings, but loved cartoons and their vibrant colors. So, when he was introduced to graffiti in the 80s, it grabbed his attention. Renard also likes to make portraits, and still life drawings, but capturing the classic feel of NY graffiti in cartoon form is what he enjoys the most. All of Renard’s art, whether on paper, or walls are not the same with every piece that he does. According to Renard, “Challenging yourself creates growth.” All of his drawings tell a story of a struggle. He recently started making digital art and enjoys that as well. About digital art he says, “It’s amazing what you can do with digital art by taking your drawings to a whole new level.” Renard is a member of the world famous original NYC graffiti crews, TNS,TFP TDS and EX VANDALS.

Saliha Khanum

Saliha is a self-taught artist who grew up in Pakistan. As a teenager, she would sit with her father and close friend, both of who used art as a respite from life’s struggles, and an intensely private pastime.

Perhaps that is why she similarly uses art to soothe the soul. She always thought that her art communicates her message better than she does verbally because there are layers, and meanings of the soul that she finds easier to describe using color and shape.

Since 2005, she’s lived in the US, Tanzania, Pakistan and the UK. She’s a mother of three, and lives in the New York City Borough of Queens. She says she will always remain a learner, and she is excited to share her journey with others. Go to, and her facebook page for more.

Sooo-z Mastropietro

Knitting has given Sooo-z Mastropietro a way to harness her anxiety during this highly unusual time. What began as small sign post cozies became colorful messages of inspiration and hope. According to Sooo-z, “it gives me a sense of power to sneak out at night and hide my work in plain sight.”

She calls this “Project aKNITdote” because it is an ongoing mission to redirect her energy away from the unfathomable while trying to keep her family’s, and community’s gaze on something positive, and happy. Like the coronavirus, she strikes at random, and infiltrates various targets with the intent of putting smiles on faces when people can get out to see their world. Her targets include popular jog routes, secret pathways, test sites, and hospitals. There are no boundaries, and even with restrictions, she finds ways to go out at night and stretch her perimeter. She won’t stop until we resume some form of normalcy.

You can learn more about Sooo-z Mastropietro at Mastropiece.

Aaron Ollero

Aaron Ollero is from the Philippine Islands, and lives in Hawaii. He is a photographer, digital artist, and graphic designer. To see more of his work explore his linktree.

Candice Rios

Candice Rios is located in New York City, and has more than 20 years of experience in beauty. She is a licensed cosmetologist, licensed cosmetology educator, makeup artist, aromatherapist, and reiki practitioner. You have probably seen her hair and makeup work on television, magazine covers, fashion runways, in print ads, and music videos. Some of the places that have used her artistry are Oprah, Eating Well, Parents, Flanelle, Vulkan, Solis, Connecticut Bride, Clarisma Beauty, Wear This Love Shapewear, PepsiCo, ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, and VH1.

Here are some links to her published work:




She has blogged, wrote about beauty, and served as a guest expert for several publications. She’s also been an on-air guest for podcasts, radio, and tv programs. Candice is a firm believer in giving back who volunteered her makeup services to Broadway Bares, and coordinated fundraising events for the MAC AIDS Fund, Safe Horizon, and the American Red Cross. She also spoke out against domestic violence as a member of the Cut it Out program, and the New York Women’s Association. She now volunteers her time as a Lipstick Angel at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and is a member of the Professional Beauty Association.

In 2014 she became a Professional Beauty Association State Captain for New York, and for Connecticut in 2016. She also became a featured professional in the Professional Beauty Association’s “I Am” campaign in American Salon in 2015.

Candice completed her cosmetology education at Roffler School of Hair Design in Connecticut, and is a licensed cosmetologist in Connecticut, California, and New York. She majored in business and finance at the College of Westchester in New York, obtained a private career school teacher’s license from The University of the State of New York in New York City, and attended New York International Reiki Center in New York City as well.

You can visit her at Blush Salon in Westchester County, New York for highlights, haircuts, balayage, and eye brow service.

Nigar Shanta

Nigar Shanta is a fabric artist born Tangail, and lives in Comilla, Bangladesh with her husband and son. She makes hand print woven fabric dresses. For inquiries, reach out to her on Facebook, or email

Rose Taglieri

Rose Taglieri is a mixed media artist who lives in New York. She has experience illustrating and designing graphics in many different mediums. She enjoys working in collage and paint because of the endless creative possibilities. You can follow her on Instagram at paperrosalia.

Dylan Thibert

Dylan Thibert is a conceptual artists and iconographer in Toronto, Canada. He considers himself to be an untrained, outsider artist. Acrylic paint is his primary medium, but he also experiments with video art, photography, and sculpture. In 2016, he established an art collective called “Confessional: an unsafe space.”

Facebook art page: Dylan Gerard Thibert
Youtube: Dylan Thibert
Twitter: @thibertart
Instagram: @dylangerardthibert


Ari ₒ  Ki

Ari and Kianna Moye makeup an Asian Pop dance duo based in New York, New York. Kianna is trained in Classical Dance and choreographs the group’s sequences. Her sister Ari is self taught. You can see more of their videos on Youtube, and learn more about them on Fandom. Or, contact them for booking.


Mfon Kester David

Mfon Kester David is a two dimensional animator, motion graphics designer, Illustrator, artist, and graphic designer born in Lefrak City, New York. He uses the pen names Kenta David, Kenryu Davi, and The Creator. You can see more of his work, learn more about him, and get in touch with him on facebook, and on his official website.

Sarah Kasher

Sarah Kasher has used her emotions as a guide for her art since the creation of her debut film, Bottled up, 2015. She creates melancholic films as a platform to both escape, and explore her emotions. Common symbols and motifs proliferate her work, such as extended use of water, which exhibits a beautifully temporal effect on material, a certain manipulation of light that can only be captured on film, and an obsession and fascination with the word ‘love.’ Beyond her past work, she is eager to explore other sides of filmmaking. Her films stem from pain, and she is ready to explore films which stem from growth, happiness, anger, and humour. To her, sadness is “monstrously monotone” at times. 

In one of her more controversial opinions, she does not believe in a cohesive, perfectly linear plot thread for her films. She writes, “my films are open to thematic interpretation, with a particular focus on stylistic presentation around a core idea or emotion.” To this end, she strives to include music, which she finds compelling. “I usually start with a song, then play with ideas to the motions of the song, and try to come up with something comparable to work of filmmakers like David Fincher when he directed for Madonna. I rarely ever start with a plot line in mind, though they sometimes develop. Music is the cornerstone to my creative brain.” This hampers her slightly because it disallows her from entry into many competitions, but she still opts to use music as a way to coordinate her films with an external rhythm.

As a film student in Capetown, South Africa whose passion is visual art, her time at The University of Cape Town has left her with mixed emotions about which she writes: “The University of Capetown is at its heart an academic institution – the projects offered are largely academic in nature, comprising papers, tests and exams; all of which make it difficult to express my creativity. However, I managed to create a portfolio during my undergraduate studies, despite the limited amount of time I had to do so… Creating visual art and design is something which helps me mentally.” You can see more of her films on Vimeo.

Wendy Shear

Wendy Shear is the daughter of the late producer, and director Barry Shear, and actress Sondra Roe Shear. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she moved to Beverly Hills, California when she was 6 years old.

Growing up, Shear spent most of her free time following her father around on numerous productions, and learning show business first hand.

After graduating from Hollywood High School, she went straight to work for KLAC, and KMET radio stations, and then made the leap into the music business. It was there she met her first husband, a road manager for The Who, and moved to London for 5 years. There she worked for Universal Television.

Her marriage went south, and Wendy went west back to California. There she made great leaps in her career by working as an assistant director on shows like Dynasty, Wings, and Sisters, and second unit stunt director for several more shows; including Dukes of Hazard. She also served as assistant director for Clint Eastwood’s iconic film, Every Which way but Loose.

Shear married again to a Belgian Baron, and after 10 years, that too came to an end.

In 2005, Shear felt the need for a new life, and moved to New York. There her years of experience came to fruition, and gave Shear the chance to produce several indie films, as well as the golden opportunity to direct her first feature film, The Camera’s Eye.  


Whitney Jackson

Whitney Jackson is from Atlanta, Georgia, and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her measurements are: Waist: 27, Height: 5′ 8, Hips: 36, and Shoe: 8.5. She can be reached at



185668232 is an avant garde electronic music composer, video producer, web designer, dj, talent scout, and piano tuner who hosts festivals, and events in the New York City area. He also tours twice a year. You can learn more about him on his website, His latest project, 365.25, is on SoundCloud. “185668232” (NYX) ||:Σ⇔mc²[ॐ]ø/⚥Ⓐ∞°©¢:|| ♭<# Live Multimedia Vapor Glitch Noise Activism

Lady Akwa

Lady Akwa is a soca music singer born in St. Lucia. She performs her own songs, plays with a live band, and covers songs by artists like Otis Blackwell. She is looking for a record deal.

Erika Bolivar

Erika Bolivar is a singer, and songwriter from Venezuela. She sings, and writes merengue, salsa, and reggaeton songs. She performs at Esquina Tequila, and with Kumbaya Sound.

Patrick Njoroje Mathara

Patrick Njoroje is a musician from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a music instructor at Pefa Church, and often plays at the Compassion Centre. You can reach him on facebook.


Pwrdwn is a project by Ryan Moye, an electronic music maker from New York, New York. Listen to more of his music on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Tim Skehan

Tim Skehan is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player from New York, New York. His latest project, Et Vox Tympanum, gives vocalists more freedom by requiring each original song to be played differently every time it is performed. You can listen to more of his music at, and get in touch with him there too.

Shelley Thomas

Vocalist, oud player, and composer Shelley Thomas blends Balkan, Arabic, Hindustani, Classical, Pop-Soul, and African music styles in her compositions, creating the emergence of a new genre: World Chamber Pop. With cinematic arrangements and inspired emotive power, she interlaces diverse threads of culture through a rhythmic, poignant examination into the human condition. Recognized for her attention to vocal detail, ornamentation, expressivity and pitch precision, her depth of study and sensitivity have allowed her a rare breadth of styles including folk, classical, traditional, and improvisational world vocal arts. Her work pushes the boundaries of musical archetypes in a reverent, poetic, and progressive aesthetic. For fifteen years, she has performed songs in over fifteen languages with disarming fluidity and authenticity, syncretizing methods absorbed from different world musics which she has studied extensively. She has taught workshops, recorded, performed and toured internationally with world-class artists including Yo-Yo Ma and the Silkroad Ensemble, The Knights, Kronos Quartet, Simon Shaheen, Hassan Hakmoun, Bassam Saba and the New York Arabic Orchestra, Bulgarian Voices Trio, Brooklyn Raga Massive, AlSarah & the Nubatones, Yael Deckelbaum, Adam Maalouf, Jebebara Unity Drum, Innov Gnawa, Mayssa Karaa, and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. She has performed at venues and festivals such as the Moscow Conservatory, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pioneer Works, National Sawdust, St. Ann’s Warehouse, Vancouver Island Music Festival, and Abu Dhabi Festival at Emirates Palace. Highlights include feature on Yo-Yo Ma and the Silkroad Ensemble’s GRAMMY-Winning album, Sing Me Home, with vocal ensemble Black Sea Hotel (Best World Music Album – 2017); Sweden and East Coast tours; interview on MJ Dorian’s Creative Codex Podcast; and soundscape vocals for Panorama Festival’s 360 ARK Dome. Performances include the Mediterranean Jazz Fest, Rockwood Music Hall, Brooklyn Maqam Hang, Toronto’s Drom Taberna and Small World Music Center, The Sonic Jungle, Ecstatic Dance NYC, Alex Grey’s COSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors), ARTERY showcase, Ragas Live Festival, Lund Choral Festival, Stallet Stockholm, Santa Fe’s San Miguel Mission, BRIC, Le Poisson Rouge, Jalopy, SoFar Sounds, Alwan for the Arts, Yale Repertory Theater, Havana World Music Festival, Mexico’s Cumbre Tajin Festival, Rural Route Film Festival, Prototype Festival, Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, and Fete de la Musique Beirut. Shelley released her debut a cappella album of Bulgarian songs, titled Joy, in 2016. A graduate of California Institute of the Arts (2008 – B.F.A. World Music Performance), she has taught with the Canada’s FolkCamp, One World Brooklyn Kids Chorus, MUSE Academy, Music To Your Home and Gowanus Music Club in addition to private coaching. She has attended Artist Residencies at Canada’s BANFF Centre (Persian & Eastern Traditions Program) and Vermont’s Avaloch Farm Music Institute. She was a recipient of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts’ Traditional Arts Development Grant. Upcoming projects include the January 2020 release of her first single + video, “Cancer Moon” for ten-piece microtonal orchestral ensemble; preparation for recording her full album Mirror; and collaborations with BAE Collective and electronic producer Husks. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

“As exhilarating to listen to as it is a towering display of vocal prowess. Thomas has such vast range, formidable technique and minutely nuanced command of microtones that she can do it all. The result is rapture that sometimes borders on terror.” – New York Music Daily
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Deborah Akubudike

Deborah Akubudike is a passionate poetess from Imo, Nigeria who prefers to write from other people’s points of view to create awareness, encourage, and enlighten.

Facebook: Debbie Tim-Fid
Instagram: @ad_poet

Ashley Fitch

Ashley Fitch is a poet from Trenton, New Jersey.

T. Marshall

T. Marshall is a writer who lives in North America.

Nigel Moses

Nigel Moses is a writer from Newark, New Jersey.

Dexter Toby

Originally from Georgia, Dexter Toby is a poet, screenwriter and songwriter who works together with his brother in New York, New York.

Short Stories

Jeri Dayle

Jeri Dayle lives in New York and is a children’s book author and freelance writer. You can find her children’s stories at Amazon Books.

Alejandro Hilario

Born in Venezuela to creationist parents who fled communist Russia for their absurdist beliefs in dinosaur bone churches and annual biblical floods, Alejandro was frequently an outcast among outcasts. Very early on, he saw writing as a tool – a shovel, and that shovel would dig him out of the jungle, and straight to New York for college. His current attempts to solve astrological mysteries are solely to chase God out of the visible world and into the realm of fantastical wonder where it belongs.

Mercury Noel

Mercury Noel is an aspiring novelist and short story writer from the Tri-State area.


Caitlin Hayes

Caitlin Hayes is a lawyer, spiritualist, model, vegan and entrepreneur. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. Or, book an appointment with her at



Daddycool is a comedian from Onitsha, Nigeria. He performs at venues like Victor Warner Worldwide. You can reach out to him on facebook.

Katarzyna Zebrowska

Katarzyna was born in Poland and moved to the United States in 2001. She always had a creative side to her that she recently decided to share with the world. She currently studies improvisation, acting, and singing. Kate also makes her own videos. You can follow her on Instagram at