Gratis is an online community of artists from all over the world, in any discipline, and with any level of experience. Visual artists, musicians, actors, writers, filmmakers, dancers, models, and other creative people can all be a part of Gratis. There are no minimum or maximum qualifications.

Our Name

Gratis is the Latin word for free, given, or done for nothing and without charge. It implies pleasing, acceptable, agreeable, welcome, dear, beloved, grateful, and thankful.

Contacting Gratis

Please don’t hesitate to contact Gratis and share your creativity, talent, questions, and comments. Our contact form is easy to fill out and secure.

Contacting Artists

We encourage you to write to the artists you like by using the contact information Gratis provides for them. They would love to hear from you.


Gratis uses PayPal to accept donations for our service to the arts.

Thank you

Without people like you, we couldn’t exist. Thank you for visiting Gratis!