Free Pounds

Month: February 2020 (page 1 of 1)

T. Marshall

Photo by David Emrich on Unsplash

The Market

Oh blessed totality
Oh holiest economy
Seems our branding is in symmetry
Sailing on the diamondish sea
Of empty black tranquility

Those postcards in the newspaper are always divination.
Dead end show flyer in a paperless nation.
Investors scream and shout in the ovation
Wrecked out in an ocean of meaningless stations.

There’s no you and there’s no me.
Seems our brand is in symmetry
Lowest gaze to a modern astrology
Drawing down the drowning in and on empty.

Stable ground was we guess not ours to have
Stolen from under us while you gnaw and lash
and at our treading tired ankle and calve.

Oh blessed commodity
Oh holiest economy
our magic brand slow sunk
Right into
the ever owned land

Shelley Thomas

Photo by Carla Fosalba

The debut single from performer-composer Shelley Thomas blends elements of Balkan, Arabic, Hindustani, West African, Electronic, Soul-Pop and Classical styles with cinematic arrangements and emotive power to create a new genre called World Chamber Pop.